Not sailing ships of the XX-th century and other technics in a bottle



Not sailing ships of the XX-th century (a cruiser in a bottle, submarines in a bottle, yachts in a bottle)


International space station in a bottle with transport ship "Progress".The model is made with decoration stand with the image of the constellation "Ursa Major". 3L bottle. Price 570$


Large anti-submarine ship "Admiral Panteleev" in a bottle. 1-1,5L bottle. Price 170$.

The pirate holding a bottle in which there is a ship, consists of 20 parts. Price 195$.


Sailing-steam imperial yacht "Shtandart" is constructed in 1893 in Copenhagen. It was one of several yachts of an imperial family of Romanovs. It had a magnificent interior, highly artistic furniture specially made to order and ware, church utensils, etc. After revolution it has been converted in mine layer, a part of the Baltic fleet and taken part in the World War II. Diameter of a neck is 19 mm. Price 155$.



Model of a modern sea-craft "Arktik Star", custom-built firms transporting wood as a gift. A material is tree. Consists of 37 parts. The author offers firms engaged in transportations manufacturing of similar models as a representation souvenir. Price 385$.



Model of the Soviet submarine in 0,25l bottle in a minefield. Cost 100$.


Model of a cruiser "Varangian" in a bottle. The customer of model - the grandson of last captain of a cruiser "Varangian" - doctor Michael Fulda with the author.

Gift to descendant of a participant Chemulpo fight - able seaman Michael Prokopovich


Model of a cruiser "Varangian", presented by the author to grandson commander "Varyag" Nikita Rudnev. It was in honor of the 110 years feat of his grandfather.

Model of the modern yacht for diving in a bottle. It is collected through a neck, consists of 12 parts. Author makes to order any modern yacht.


The German destroyer V-106 of 1914 year of construction. The newest on that time a destroyerof keiser's fleet. It has distinguished in World War I on Baltic against Russian fleet, however russian destroyer "Novik" in august 1915 has sunk in unequal fight two similar ships - V-99 and V-100


Destroyer "army". The destroyer of imperial fleet on Baltic took part in the First World War.
Price 155$. It is collected in parts through a neck, diameter of a neck of is 20 mm, 1l bottle.


Cruiser "Aurora" in a bottle. A cruiser is the participant of the Russian-Japanese war 1904-05, the participant of the First and Second World Wars. It took part in Tsushima battle. It was the main ship of revolution of 1917, the educational ship of the Soviet fleet. Now it is the ship-monument.
Price is 175$. It is collected in parts through a neck, diameter of a neck of is 20 mm, 1l bottle.



Locomotives in a bottle, steam locomotives in a bottle
Russian steam locomotive of series ОВ. Steam locomotives of this series are the most mass steam locomotives imperial and soviet period (so-called "lambs"). They were applied to transportation of cargoes.These steam locomotives were reliable, simple in management and repair, also they have taken out the basic weight of military transportations in World War I and in World War II. In total it has been constructed about 10000 steam locomotives of this kind. Now in Russia has remained no more then 20 of such locomotives, basically steam locomotives-monuments on eternal parking.
Price 195$. It is collected in parts through a neck, diameter of a neck of 19 mm.


Steam locomotives of a series of GA of the Nikolaev railway of 1863 year. The Russian steam locomotive 0-3-0 is from among serial locomotives constructed by Aleksandrovsky factory in 1845. A steam locomotive of this type have passed modernisation in 1863-1867 and have received the GA name. In total 42 steam locomotives of this series have been modernised. This locomotive had a wooden covered box for the machinist, inclined cylinders and an alarm bell. Such locomotives were one of the first commodity steam locomotives of Russia.
Price 195$. Diameter of a neck 23mm.


Passenger car early twentieth century and shunter in bottle. It is collected in parts through a neck.
Price 385$. Bottle 1,5L. Diameter of a neck18mm.


Tank and locomotive

Tank and locomotive Nobel brothers, end of XIX century

Capital of the Nobel brothers was created on the territory of the Russian Empire in Baku at the turn of XIX-XX centuries. For transportation of oil used tanks with capacity of 16 tones. On the model you can see brake box, stairs to lift workers on the tank, marking the tank itself with fonts until 1917 year. Model locomotive and tank collected from a tree in parts through the bottleneck. Price 385$. 1L bottle.


Pit locomotive in bottle

Pit locomotive АМ 8D with trolleys are made in the interior of a coal mine. Model collected in parts through tne neck. Price 385$. 0,5L bottle.


Planes in a bottle
Plane "Sopvich-Triplane" of 1916 year of construction. Triplane - the plane with 3 wings of english firm "Sopvich" - is a participant of air battles of World War I and Civil war in Russia of 1918-1920. This plane coped with one pilot, had high speed and manoeuvrability due to construction and powerful engine. Plane weaponeer had a machinegun "Vikkers" with the synchronizer. After Civil war the plane was long used at the Moscow aviaschool and now is a unique exhibit of an aviamuseum in Monino in Moscow suburbs.
Price 290$. it is collected in parts through a neck, diameter of a neck is 23 mm.


Plane Sikorsky C-16. This is the plane of known russian inventor Igor Sikorsky. It was created in 1914 as "a flying training simulator" for pilots of a heavy bomber "Ilja Muromets". It was used during World War I for trainings of flight personnel and decision of problems of air defence. However this machine has not found wide fighting application. Further these planes were used by Red air fleet mainly at flight schools. Price 195$.

Plane PO-2. Legendary plane PO-2 used like bomber, reconnaissance, hospital's, transport and contact plane in Second World War 1941-45гг.

Night ramming by Victor Talalikhin. Legendary pilot Victor Talalikhin first ramming enemy aircraft. More information you can find at


more technics in a bottle


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