History of Ancient Art

Nobody knows the precise date of birth of this kind of art. Evidently appeared a bit later than transparent glass in Europe...

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Different Models of Craftsman



Modern ships in large bottles






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Assembly technique

In general it is rather simple to make a sail ship in a bottle. At first you make a model on a table bearing in mind its further articulation/segmentation and assembly/disassembly. Then you disassemble the ship model and get down to the final assembly inside the bottle with the help of special tools.О мастере


Craftsman Introduction

Dear Customers!
I am Vsevolod Gladilin. I make models of ships and ships in bottles.
In my childhood i read many books about sea voyages and dreamed of sailing. But i was born in Moscow far from any sea. My dream helped me to choose the Academy of Water Transport, in 1989. I finished the Academy and became a water transport engineer. Now i do not sail, but i build models of sail ships.

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