Craftsman Introduction

Dear Customers!

I am Vsevolod Gladilin. I make models of ships and ships in bottles.

In my childhood i read many books about sea voyages and dreamed of sailing. But i was born in Moscow far from any sea. My dream helped me to choose the Academy of Water Transport, in 1989. I finished the Academy and became a water transport engineer. Now i do not sail, but i build models of sail ships.
I have been trying to make ship models since my childhood. The famous cartoon of the Russian historical cruiser called “Aurora” inspired me and i made my first model out of the wooden clothes peg at the age of 6.
For over 20 years i have been making different (mostly historical) ship models. I prefer to make ships in bottles, and i make not very large (up to 50 cm in length) ship models without bottles. You can find my ship models in 55 countries of the world. Many collectioners in Russia, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and China have my ships in their collections. Several sea restaurants are decorated with my ship models.
I take part in international exhibitions; there are my works in the art galleries and shops. In 2003 Igot the bronze medal for my bark “Kruzenshtern” in the 1.5 – liter bottle among other skilled craftsmen at the competition for the Moscow prize.
Not only specialists, but different people are fond of my works. Famous businessmen, VIP persons, ministers from different countries buy my ship models. You can choose yourself in the catalogue of my works (though it includes only a small part of them). You can order any special ship model. Different models at different prices will help you to choose a present (gift) for your friends and relatives.

Yours truly, Vsevolod Gladilin




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