History of Ancient Art

  • Festesis de Tenya - conquered
    of the Pacific Ocean - wondered why a man
    full of crazy and mistaken thoughts,
    ideas, and desires does not want to learn
    all about the Earth he lives on


    Nobody knows the precise date of birth of this kind of art. Evidently appeared a bit later than transparent glass in Europe. Marco Polo could bring the secret of its production from China in the XIII century. The northern sea lands of the XVII-XVIII centuries Germany and Holland were the native land for the art of ship models in bottles. Firth knows items were made in the XVIII century. The history of the art is connected with the living conditions of seamen at the time.

    The international referee of group “A” Aleshin L.I., who has got gold and silver medals for his ships in bottles in international competition, says in his book that sea and ocean always attracted people. And people wanted to know what was there behind the horizon. When navigation instruments were invented the period of great geographic discoveries began. Voyages lasted month and years. During the time intervals when the sailors were free from duty they played (especially when the sea was calm) and started to make ship models in bottles and the panoramic views of ports, lighthouses, sea battles, etc.

    Now days the International Federation of Ship Modeling (NAVIGA) includes the ship models in bottles in the competition as class C-5. Such types of models have taken remarkable places at the last three world championships.
    There is an old Sweden sail boat model in bottle of 1908 in the collection of the craftsman. It is a good illustration of the ship modeling art at the beginning of the XX century.




















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