Architecture in bottle (houses, churches, oil derricks, etc.)



The church of the intercession of the blessed virgin Mary (5L bottle)


Borsky bridge



Oil derrick in a bottle of green glass. It is collected in parts through a neck, consists of 120 details.Price 385$, diameter of a neck is 18 mm.



Apartment house of one known building company. The house is collected from 40 parts-blocks in parts through a neck. Besides the house sidewalks, lawns and landscape trees are shown. The cork is hammered from within by 2 nails.Price 580$, diameter of a neck is 25 mm.


A Spassky tower of the Moscow Kremlin. It is collected from 24 details in a medical flask. The single copy, contract price. Diameter of a neck is 22 mm.


Model of residential high-rise building in a bottle.



5L bottle, price 580$.





Rambler's Top100

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